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Maharishi Herbal Pharmacy & Research Centre

The history of using plant resources for treating diseases in India can be dated back to the Vedic era, as described in the Rig Veda and the Atharvaveda where the effects of herbs/plants are described meticulously. Ayurveda is the 'Up-Veda' of Rig Veda and is a complete science of health in itself.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 75% of the world population is using herbs for basic healthcare needs (Pan, 2014). Even in the British Pharmacopoeia, 50% of drugs are related to medicinal plants (Pan, 2014).

Maharishi Herbal Pharmacy & Research Centre

In recent years, an increasing number of people have been choosing herbal medicines or products over other options to improve their health conditions. With minimum to no side effects, people worldwide have gradually become confident in switching over to this option. Herbs are staging a comeback and herbal "renaissance" is now occurring all over the world. These herbal medicines in terms of their significant contribution to health promotion are manufactured based on the use of plants and plant extracts using seeds, berries, roots, leaves, fruits, bark, flowers, and even whole plants.

The Great Saint of India His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ji always dreamt of a disease-free society and made tremendous efforts to improve people’s health by teaching them Yogasanas, Pranayam, Meditation and finally by traditional and rare Ayurvedic formulations available with senior Vaidyas (Ayurveda Practitioners). He personally guided and nurtured his ardent disciple Brahmachari Girish Ji to carry forward all these values.

To fulfil Maharishi Ji's resolution- sankalpa, Girish Ji established Maharishi Vedic Health Centre in the year 2013 for preventive health care and treatment of people through Ayurvedic medicines, Panchkarma and other Vedic approaches to health. He possesses extremely good knowledge of herbs and great ideas of Ayurvedic preparation, as he prepared many formulations under the guidance of some world-renowned Vaidyas himself.

While taking care of people at Maharishi Vedic Health Centre, Vaidyas many a time felt helpless due to the poor efficacy of a number of available medicines. Thereby, finally, Brahmachari Girish Ji and Vaidyas made up their mind to manufacture these herbal formulations on their own to the best possible efficacy under the brand name and style "Maha Herbals". A state-of-the-art production unit called 'Maharishi Herbal Pharmacy and Research Centre' has been set up in the Bagroda Industrial area at Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh.

With the help and guidance of "Great Researchers and Vaidyas", numerous proprietary and classical medicines are being manufactured with the finest herbs and their extracts. The Pharmacy uses ultra-modern technology and the latest machines for which Licenses have been obtained from the government of M.P.'s AYUSH department.

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