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1. Assured Payments: With Wizekart, sellers receive orders backed by assured payments. Say goodbye to payment hassles and uncertainties. You can focus on what you do best – providing great products and services.

2. Lower Logistics Costs: Our prepaid system significantly reduces logistics costs for sellers. No more dealing with the complexities and expenses of Cash-on-Delivery (COD) transactions. This translates into more competitive pricing for your products.

3. Competitive Pricing: Lower logistics costs mean you can offer better prices to our customers. At Wizekart, we believe in delivering value to buyers, and your competitive pricing will attract more customers to your products.

4. Seller Confidence: When you join Wizekart, you can sell with confidence, knowing that you'll receive your payments without any delays or complications. This confidence will reflect in your customer interactions and the quality of service you provide.

5. COD is Optional: While we encourage prepaid transactions for the benefits they bring, we understand that some customers prefer Cash on Delivery. That's why we offer COD as an option, so you can cater to a wider range of customers.

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Commercial Terms for Wizekart.com Prepaid Marketplace:

1.  Commission: Wizekart.com will charge a commission of 6% on the total product value for each successful sale made on the platform.

2.  Payment to Sellers: Payments to sellers will be made within 7 days of successful delivery of the products to the customers. Wizekart.com will initiate the payment process and ensure that sellers receive their earnings promptly.

3.  Order Cancellation Charges: Wizekart.com does not impose any charges for order cancellations. However, it is expected that sellers and buyers communicate effectively to minimize cancellations and ensure a smooth shopping experience for all parties involved.

4.  Refunds and Returns: In the case of product returns or refunds initiated by customers, Wizekart.com will work closely with sellers to facilitate the return process and ensure that customers are refunded appropriately. Any associated charges or deductions will be communicated and discussed with the sellers on a case-by-case basis.

5.  Account Management: Sellers will have access to a dedicated seller account on Wizekart.com, where they can manage their product listings, inventory, pricing, and other essential aspects of their business. Wizekart.com will provide the necessary tools and support to sellers for efficient account management.

6.  Product Listing and Approval: Sellers are responsible for providing accurate and detailed product information, including images, descriptions, pricing, and any applicable variations. Wizekart.com reserves the right to review and approve all product listings to ensure they meet the platform's guidelines and standards.

7.  Product Pricing: Sellers have the freedom to set their own product prices within reasonable limits. However, Wizekart.com may provide recommendations and insights to help sellers optimize their pricing strategies and improve sales.

8.  Seller Support: Wizekart.com offers comprehensive seller support, including assistance with account management, product listing optimization, order fulfillment, and general inquiries. Sellers can reach out to our support team via email, phone, or through the seller account dashboard.

9.  Platform Policies: Sellers are expected to comply with Wizekart.com's policies, including those related to product authenticity, customer service standards, and legal requirements. Violation of these policies may result in penalties, suspension, or termination of the seller's account.

These commercial terms outline the basic framework for selling products on Wizekart.com's prepaid marketplace. Please note that these terms are subject to review and modification, and any updates will be communicated to sellers promptly.

By participating in the Wizekart.com marketplace, sellers agree to adhere to these terms and collaborate with us to provide an exceptional shopping experience for customers.

If you have any further questions or require clarifications, please feel free to contact our seller support team.

Thank you for choosing Wizekart.com as your preferred online marketplace.

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