Travel Swimming Waterproof Mobile Phone Bags Dry Pouch Cases Cover/Waterproof Underwater Pouch Bag Cover For Mobile Phone

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Double-layer protection Flexibility Resilient Superior Water Resistance      NOTE: COLOUR MAY VARIATE. INFORM US ABOUT COLOR INTERESTED, WE SHALL TRY FOR THAT FIRST

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Double-layer protection: neck hanging type and the mountain type Flexibility - Easily allows photography, video-shooting, and touch pad operation with dual-sided clear windows Resilient - Protects your belongings from water, snow, sand, and dirt. One can enjoy outdoor activities. Superior Water Resistance - Every waterproof bag has been tested under water for at least two hours for your peace of mind. The use of new high-security performance waterproofing system. Less than 20m depth waterproof guaranteed Please make use of the first test to check for damage Double-layer protection: neck hanging type and the mountain type It can float. Material: PVC
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