Vexclusive Water Dispenser Hand Press Manual Water Drinking Pump For 20 L Bottle

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Durable plastic quality Save money No Electric power Long life Just Press to Install the Hand Pump Always Clean Fits Most Standard Bottle size Suits for most of 20 Litre bottles No Splash Design


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Product description   Vexclusive  Manual Pump for Bottled Water Drinking Vacuum Pump (20 L Bottle) ○Manual Drinking Bottled Water Hand Pump Dispenser with Tube. ○ It features plastic construction for a long life span and easy to clean. ○This Water Hand Pump fits most standard water bottle sizes. ○Lightweight and compact, this Bottled Water Pump is easy to carry! ○- Just press pump head, economical ○No battery costs no motor, fits most standard water bottle sizes uses, home, office, school, factory and hospital ○ To facilitate easy cleaning, this dispenser pump features a removable tube. ○Made from plastic, the Hulu manual water dispenser pump is rated to last for a long time, even with regular use. ○To use this pump, simply fit it properly on the mouth of the water barrel and press around 6-7 times to get steady water flow from the specially designed outlet. ○With an innovative vacuum action, you can instantly gain access to water without having to tilt or move the barrel

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