Hawkins BIGBOY E20-10 Safety Valve for 18 Litre and 22 Litre SVBB

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Hawkins BIGBOY E20-10 Safety Valve for 18 Litre and 22 Litre Pressure Cookers to Prevent Excess Pressure Build Up  Explosions Backup Safety Made from High Quality Materials Durable

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Every pressure cooker comes with two valves. One Valve is the main valve which we call it Whistle & the second one is the pressure valve (made of rubber). Whenever we cook food in cooker then it is completely packed and with the result the water which is inside the cooker rises to a very high temperature. This is the only reason why food cooks very fast in cooker. As the pressure increases, the air is ejected with the first valve i.e from the whistle and whenever the whistle gets blocked due to any reason, the excess pressure gets ejected through the pressure valve by exploding it in a controlled way. If there would have been no pressure valve then the pressure cooker will eventually burst and can cause severe accidents.

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