Rudraa Forever Cinnamon Essential Oil 10ml

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Rudraa Forever Cinnamon Essential Oil 10ml

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Rudraa Cinnamon Essential oil is a natural remedy for many health problems
such as cold and cough, fever and flu. It also helps in reducing stress, gives
relief from pain, improves digestion system, protects from bacteria. It also
improves the blood circulation, support heart function, and helps to control

Rudraa Cinnamon Essential oil is highly versatile and beneficial oil with lots
of health benefits. It is very useful for skin, hair, and body. Cinnamon oil is very
effective for treatment of acne and acne scars. It is very helpful for hairs to
promote growth and thickness and helps to remove dandruff and scalp issues.




 Relieves anxiety and depression
 Reduce stress and nervous system
 Removes blood impurities and improve blood circulation
 It prevents urinary tract infections
 Stimulates the immune system
 Antibacterial agent to help digestion
 Alleviate nausea, stomach-ache, and diarrhoea
 Energy booster for physical and mental health
 Helps in respiratory problems
 Aids in treating pimples
 Provides relief from muscle and joint pain

ential Oil 10ml
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