Eye Mantra Eye  Drop for Red Eye & Irritation - Divisa Store 10ml
  • Eye Mantra Eye  Drop for Red Eye & Irritation - Divisa Store 10ml

Eye Mantra Eye Drop for Red Eye & Irritation - Divisa Store 10ml

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Eye Mantra Eye Drop

• Keep your eyes safe and protected from itchiness, redness, & dryness
with Eye Mantra eye drops
• Made with 12 natural ingredients
• 100% Ayurvedic
• Suitable for all ages


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Keep your eyes safe, protected and healthy with  Eye Mantra Eye drops. Whether your eyes are stressed or experiencing any kind of itchiness, redness or infections like conjunctivitis, these eye drops will prove to be beneficial for all such issues. 

 Made with the blend of 12 natural ingredients including Rose, Honey, Harad, Daruhaldi, Amla, Neem, Mint, Turmeric and Tulsi these eye drops are 100% Ayurvedic and safe to be used by people of all ages. 

Honey is known to reduce irritation in the eyes while Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties that help ease symptoms of conjunctivitis and other usual eye infections. Moreover, Tulsi helps with soothing the strain in your eyes while mint provides a cooling sensation to the eyes. All these when mixed make the perfect eye drops for all eye issues in the form of Eye Mantra ayurvedic eye drops. 

These ayurvedic drops are the best way to relieve stressed eyes caused either due to long hours of exposure to the digital screen or the redness and irritation caused due to pollutants that are available in the environment. This strains your vision. Using these ayurvedic eye drops will help to clear your vision and give them relief from any kind of irritants. 


  • Prevents Eye Redness, irritation and swelling

  • 100 % Ayurvedic

  • Safe to use for the whole family

  • Protect Eyes from infections

  • -24%Best Seller

Eye Mantra Eye Drop
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