Matrix Wonder Color Ammonia Free 3N Dark Brown

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Matrix Wonder Color Ammonia Free 3N (Dark Brown)


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Rich, radiant color. Matrix socolor beauty luminous shine. Consistently stunning results from the stylists’ #1 choice in permanent color. It provides excellent grey coverage, subtle to dramatic blonde shades, and vibrant, long-lasting reds. Matrix socolor beauty hair is the best.


  • 8 Weeks Color Lock – The revolutionary color delivery system in Wonder Color Ammonia Free ensures that despite being ammonia-free, color is long-lasting. The color molecules penetrate uniformly, deep inside the hair fiber resulting in vibrant color

  • Even, True to Tone Color – The color delivery structure ensures that color molecules layer themselves one on top of the other uniformly, ensuring even distribution of color. This results in color families staying true to tone despite regular washes. Designed to completely eliminate hot roots and brassy tones

  • Well-nourished, manageable hair – Consumers often complain of ammonia-free color making their hair dry, but with Wonder Color Ammonia Free’s patented coacervation system & 3 oils, hair feels nourished, well-conditioned unlike ever before!

  • 5X Shine – Smooth, manageable shiny hair is now possible with ammonia-free color. Wonder Color Ammonia Free is formulated to give hair 5X shine post coloration.

  • 50% Grey Coverage – Use this palette not only for fashion coloration but also to cover 50% greys



  • Ammonia-free Wonder Color.

  • Colour: Dark Brown.

  • Quantity: 90 g.

  • Suitable For

    Personal Use, Salon & Spa





    Ideal For




    Used For

    Color/Chemically Treated Hair, Styling

    Hair Type

    All Hair Types

    • Ammonia-free Wonder Color.
    • Colour: Dark Brown.
    • Quantity: 90 g.
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