Crompton Silentpro Enso 3 Blade Noiseless Ceiling Fan Activbldc Technology

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2X More Silent Superior Comfort with 240 CMM Air Delivery 50% Energy Saving with ActivBLDC Technology INR 9,830  


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Specifications - SilentPro Enso

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About this item

  • PRODUCT: Crompton's most Energy Efficient 5-Star Rated Remote-Controlled Silent Ceiling Fan with ActivBLDC Technology to Save Energy
  • TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Sweep 1225 mm; Power consumption only 42W; Speed 315 RPM; Air delivery 240 CMM; Operating voltage 90 V - 300 V
  • WARRANTY: 5 years on-site warranty; Provided by Crompton from date of purchas
  • AERODYNAMIC DESIGN:Seamless blade design to reduce air friction; Provides high speed and performance in silence
  • SMART FEATURES: Operation remembers fan speed before switch off and runs on the same speed when switched on

Product information

Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited
Country of Origin ‎India
Item model number ‎CFSPENS48SWT
Product Dimensions ‎60 x 30 x 15 cm; 7.44 Kilograms

From the manufacturer

Crompton ceiling fan Silentpro enso
Crompton ceiling fan Silentpro enso

Crompton ceiling fan Silentpro enso

Crompton ceiling fan Silentpro enso

Crompton ceiling fan Silentpro enso

2X More Silent

SilentPro is designed to offer superior air comfort with the noise level of a Quiet Home. Most conventional fans operate at 64 dB. Every increase of 10 dB in noise level is perceived to be twice as loud. SilentPro operates at 52 dB thereby making it twice more silent than its conventional counterparts.

High Air Delivery

The fluidic seamless design of the blades is modelled to ensure high air delivery - delivering comfort to you when you need it.

ActivBLDC Technology

Crompton's ActivBLDC Motor is known for its high Energy Efficiency. It is designed to work efficiently between a Wide Voltage Range of 90V - 300V with a high Power Factor of 0.98.


Crompton ceiling fan Silentpro enso

Crompton ceiling fan Silentpro enso

Crompton ceiling fan Silentpro enso

Energy Efficient

SilentPro enso is powered by ActivBLDC technology (42W) which ensures 50% savings* on your electricity cost as compared to conventional fans (80W). *A BLDC motor consumes half of the power of a traditional induction motor.

Annual Savings

Did you know that a conventional fan contributes up to Rs. 3040* annually, to your electricity bill. SilentPro enso consumes 50% electricity as compared to a conventional fan, saving you up to Rs. 1440 per fan annually. *Considering 16 hours of usage at the rate of Rs. 6.5/unit.

Safety Cable

SilentPro enso is equipped with an enhanced safety feature which includes a safety wire that prevents a fan from falling incase of improper installation or wearing of fan parts over time.

Crompton ceiling fan Silentpro enso
SilentPro Enso
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