vexclusive® Wii To HDMI Convertor

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Features & Details

  • vexclusive Wii to HDMI Converter can convert the standard Wii output into an HDMI compatible device allowing audio and video to be carried over a single HDMI cable.
  • Wii to HDMI Adapter detects Wii display modes including NTSC 480i, 480p, PAL 576i automatically, and upscales them to HDMI 720P or 1080P.Supports all Wii display modes (NTSC 480i 480p, PAL 576i).
  • The extra 3.5mm audio socket brings your convenience to connect headphone or speaker.Wii to Hdmi Converter Output Video Audio Adapter, With 3.5mm Audio Video Output Supports All Wii Display Modes, Best Compatibility and Stability for Nintendo
  • Wii to hdmi converter a support Video and audio in full digital HDMI format, no transmission loss.Audio cable is needed during using,please kindly check it.
  • Don't forget to go in the settings and change screen resolution from 480i to 480p. Some HDTVs do not support games at 240p/480i over HDMI: they only work through the composite A/V cords. If you switch the Wii to 480p mode they may work over HDMI.
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