Rare Earth Activated Gedelonium Oxide Nanophosphors

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Author : Dr. B. M. Manohara , M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D. , Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Physics, GOVRNAMENT FIRST GRADE COLLEGE MCC ‘B’ Block, Davangere, Karnataka, India Published : 01-07-2021 Edition : 1 Size : 5*8 in Pages : 178 ISBN: 978-81-945504-9-5 Format : Paper Back

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Phosphor materials find wide applications ranging from fluorescent display to luminescence immunoassay. These materials essentially convert one type of energy in to visible radiation and hence, phosphor materials are called optical transducer. They are generally crystalline in nature. Phosphors with high quantum efficiency, effective excitation and absorption, colour parity, longer lifetime and lower cost, as well as better morphology are required. Surface properties have important function for phosphors. Spherical phosphors are optimum morphology in application. The spherical particles are easy to be packed density so that the screen and display can obtain high definition. In addition the dense packed small particles can prevent phosphors from aging.
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