Liquid Crystal- Gold Nanoparticle Composites -An overview on synthesis strategies

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Editors : Dr. Nirmalendu Das, Edition : 1 Book Size : A5 No. of Pages : 63 ISBN: 978-81-947246-3-6 Format : Paperback Ebook

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Nanoparticle research has witnessed tremendous growth due their unusual physical and chemical properties which differs from the same bulk material. Liquid crystal, a fourth state of matter, is playing significant role in the synthesis of size and shape-uniform nanostructures and can be utilised as capping agent.The inclusion of NPs in LC host produces significant changes in their physical properties such as order parameter, birefringence and dielectric anisotropy. The composite of nanomaterials and liquid crystal lead to the formation of materials having new and exciting properties which may find use in high-tech applications such as photoconductors, light emitting diodes, photo-voltaic solar cells, thin film transistors, etc. In this book author tried to focus on various strategies utilised for the synthesis of LC- nanocomposite and investigation of the some properties.
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