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Book on Objectively Structured Practical and Clinical Examination in Physiology as per CBME Curriculum

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Editors : 1. Dr Dalia Biswas 2. Dr Prerna Agarwal 3. Dr Avinash Taksande 4. Dr Parikshit Muley 5. Dr Pranjali Muley. 6. Dr Swapnil Bhirange. Edition : 1 Pager Size : 6*9 No. of Pages : 151 ISBN: 978-93-90699-28-5 Format : Paperback Ebook

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It is a way of testing the practical skills of students in an objective way. The Objective Structured Practical and Clinical Examination(OSPE& OSCE) assesses competency, through direct observation. It is precise, objective, and reproducible allowing uniform testing of trainees for a wide range of clinical skills. Unlike the traditional clinical exam, the OSPE & OSCE evaluates areas most critical to performance of health care professionals mainly communication skills ..An OSCE usually has a circuit of short stations, in which, each student is examined on a one-to-one basis with either real or simulated subjects.
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