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Editors : Dr. Satya Ranjan Nayak , Ganesh Prasad Panda , Mrs. Madhusmita Samal Edition : 1 Pager Size : 6*9 No. of Pages : 150 ISBN: 978-93-90390-60-1 Format : Paperback Ebook

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The COVID-19 pandemic is having a catastrophic effect on working hours, earnings and employment, globally as well as in India also. Particularly the rural India has realised the challenges of reverse migration of lakhs of workers to their home states or villages. In this context, the best possible approach or agenda to get the Indian economy back on track is the need of the hour. One of such approach is the employment generation or promotion in rural India. The main motive behind employment promotion or generation is to provide an enabling policy environment for the expansion in aggregate employment in a country. So in this edited book, we expect all our learned authors will contribute high quality research papers/chapters providing meaningful insights on the revival of rural Indian economy with special focus on employment promotion in almost all sectors of the economy. This book is an initiative to provide a platform for the authors, scholars and academicians or researchers etc. to share their thoughts and writings in the form of chapters in this book. We hope, all the contributions will enrich the academic and intellectual content of the book along with opening up of new endeavours of research.
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