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Advanced Data Mining

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Editors; Dr. Meena Agrawal , Dr. C. P. Agrawal , Dr Adesh Pandey Edition : 1 Book Size : : 8*11 Pages : 130 ISBN : 978-81-932091-3-4 Format : Paperback & Ebook

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In this Data Explosion age, management of huge data has become a Hercules task. The exact answer for this objective is Data Mining. Large business transactions, scientific data, satellite pictures, text reports and military intelligence and other digital data are generating far so much data and information, which is difficult to handle with conventional computing methods. Data analysis and information retrieval are fractional part of decision-making. The huge collections of data are promoting us to have better managerial tools and techniques. There is a certain need of tools for automatic summarization of data, extraction of the critical information stored, and the discovery of patterns in raw data which may help in decision making. The authors have published two books related to Data Mining, before this one. The basics are covered in ―Introduction to Data Mining‖ and issues related to Data Mining anf Warehousing of Multimedia are covered in ―Empowering Multimedia with Data Mining and Data Warehousing‖
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