Ve-Xclusive Psp Charger For Sony Psp All Models Worldwide Usage 5Volts 2Amps

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VE-Xclusive PSP charger For Sony PSP All Models Worldwide Usage 5volts 2amps

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Product Description / Features: Spend less time charging and more time playing using this AC adaptor for your Sony Play Station Portable(PSP). This charger from VE-Xclusive is UL approved and one of the most fitting replacements available for the original PSP charger.This affordable AC adapter charges your PSP at home, office and even while travelling, thus allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions. It is lightweight, compact and portable and produces a stable DC output with low ripple effect. This Sony PSP adapter also guards your device from high voltages while offering low levels of interference with noise-stabilized output.Integrated an intelligent IC chip, the charger automatically swaps to the saver mode when the battery becomes fully charged, preventing your device from overcharging. It also protects your PSP from short circuits.This VE-Xclusive  PSP Charger is 100% Compatible with Sony PSP 2000,3000 and E1000 & E1004(New 2015 Edition) models.
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