Zenius Diabetic Capsule for Control Diabetes & Suger Level (60 Capsules)

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Benefits :- Helps to control blood Sugar Supports prevention of diabetic complications & resulting organ damage Balances the body blood sugar and cholesterol level Promotes as antioxidant & high energy level. Zenius Diabetic Capsule is the ayurvedic treatment for diabetes also follow the same path but that is different from the natural treatment. The natural best medicine for diabetes by Zenius is made without any use of chemicals after proper research and diagnosis as to the effect and results.  


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Zenius Diabetic Capsule is the best diabetes treatment to control diabetes in a natural and safe manner. Best medicine for diabetes fights excess blood sugar, increases the immune power and helps the body to stand against the weakness of diabetes to keep it away from you. The medicine has changed the trends to control diabetes and gives you freedom from painful insulin injections.

Dosage :-

Take 1 capsule twice a day with warm water or milk

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