Lenphor – Treasure  Matte Lipstick (3g)
  • Lenphor – Treasure  Matte Lipstick (3g)

Lenphor – Treasure Matte Lipstick (3g)

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  • What is so unique about Lenphor’s matte lipstick that it can help you choose from all.; Its premium and unique composition formula makes it so smooth on your lips that you won’t have any complaints of stickiness.
  • The best combination of ingredients used to make this lipstick gives it a premium quality texture that you will feel on your skin while applying Reusing lipsticks throughout the day is quite common so here we introduce you to our product which is specially designed to tackle this specific complaint.
  • Apply once in the morning just before leaving the house and let it shine on your lips for the whole day.
  • Enjoy your makeup with our lipstick for housewife, working women, College students; You can also use it for traditional occasions like wedding, festivals, parties, get together
  • Target Audience Keywords: Adults; Target Gender: Female
Brand: Lenphor
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